Here's the program for the social dance scheduled for Friday, December 16 at St. John's Church Hall, 7 pm.   Dance cribs are included.

Here's the program for social and teaching dances during the weekly dance class on Tuesday, December 6. 

Here are links to several of our dances on the Christmas programme.  Please review for a better understanding of these dances, as there will be no class on Tuesday December 13.


Postie's Jig:    Corners help by being “ready” to turn RH, and then LH etc to help dancing couples


Whistling Wind:  Diagonal R4 with corners into up /down Dble Triangles,  Diag Rights and Lefts


Many Happy Returns:  Set and Link to face Corners, Corners Pass and Turn, phrasing for dancing in/out on 2B, turning 2B is essential

Teaching Dances

November 22, 2022

Two of the teaching dances on November 22 were:

  • Jessie's Hornpipe - see the attached video from a Tartan Ball

  • Monymusk - this is a beautiful display of setting and timing (phrasing)

October 25, 2022

On October 25, the teaching dances were:

October 11, 2022

On October 11, the teaching dances were:

  • The Royal Patron (practicing wide, graceful turns) 

  • Lady Susan Stewart (strathspey setting and traveling step; hello/goodbye setting)