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About Scottish country dancing

Scottish country dancing is a fun and sociable form of dancing with roots that go back centuries. Dances tell stories, commemorate events and keep a cultural heritage alive.   Scottish country dancing was traditionally danced in the cottages, towns and cities of Scotland.  Today it is enjoyed around the world.  In addition to being sociable, Scottish country dancing provides good physical and mental exercise.


About the PSCDS

The Peterborough Scottish Country Dance Society (PSCDS) is a voluntary, non-profit organization run by its members.  Anyone can become a member by paying an annual fee.  


To participate in weekly dance classes you need to either become a member, or pay as you go (currently $5 per class).  

 Scottish country dancing worldwide

When you participate in Scottish country dancing, you join a vibrant worldwide community.  There are clubs on every continent other than Antarctica!  There are clubs in nearly 50 countries around the world, including many across Canada.  You will be able to participate in dances, workshops and balls in many locations.

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About the music

One of the glories of Scottish country dancing is the music.   It is a special musical world all of its own.  The range is vast.   Some tunes are centuries old; some may have been written last month.  The tunes range from fast, joyful reels to haunting strathspeys.  They come from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the USA and elsewhere.   The music you hear at a dance is not chosen at random.  It is carefully chosen to match the needs of the dance, so much so that dancers and musicians really work as a team.  

How hard is it?     


Many dances can readily be learned on the spot and danced by beginners.   These dances fully embrace the casual, social side of Scottish Country dancing.   Other dances are of medium difficulty, and there are also many dances which are quite demanding.  On a typical dance program, there will be dances of varying levels of difficulty.   A well designed dance program will have something for everyone.   The person who introduces and 'briefs' each dance is expected to make it clear if the dance is one of a difficult nature.

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