December  16 Social Dance

 The next monthly dance will be held on December 16 at St. John's, 7 p.m.   See below for the program and dance cribs.

Our recently revised dance class format continues on Tuesday, December 6!

Be sure to join us as our return to dancing continues at St. John's, 7 pm on December 6. Masks are currently mandatory.  Hand sanitizer will be available and we expect dancers to use it.    A list of the December 6 social and teaching dances and the cribs is posted below.  

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Dust off your dancing shoes.  PSCDS is open for business!

All PSCDS members are invited to a Welcome Back Dance at St. John's at 7pm on Friday March 4.   YAAAAYY!   No admission charge.  Vaccination and masks are required, plus you must bring and use your own hand sanitizer.    Please bring your own refreshments.   


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Driveway Dancing will return!  

October 18 - The intrepid duo of Elizabeth McMahon and June Jacklin have designed a new series of Driveway Dances for your enjoyment.    Dances will take place outdoors.  Double vaccination is required.  The next Driveway Dance is at 6 pm on Tuesday October 19, and weekly thereafter until further notice. 


Click here for the for the program for October 19.

How is your fitness level for dancing?

May 5 - Elizabeth has a message for all of us as we turn our minds back towards dancing.    It's time to make sure we are physically ready to return to the dance floor.   Check out Elizabeth's tips:

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